What is CBD Oil

CBD Oil is becoming a health care industry worth billions – but research shows that 70% of products in this market mislead consumers as to their content. How to choose the right oil and what to pay attention to
CBD products, led by CBD oil, are becoming the most sought-after health products, and studies show that cannabidiol has potential for treatment Pain, Epilepsy, Inflammatory Diseases, Depression , Schizophrenia And more.

According to economists’ forecasts, the CBD oil industry is expected to earn about $ 13 billion this year (2018), but without supervision or control, the market is flooded with falsified, defective, substandard and even dangerous products.

In fact Research Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) revealed that 70% of CBD products tested did not contain what was declared to be contained. In some cases, at much lower concentrations of CBD than it says on the bottle, and in extreme cases, the products contain pesticide residues, heavy metals or hazardous chemicals used in the process. extraction of CBD from the plant, such as butane, propane and hexane.

So, how can you make sure that the product you bought is effective and healthy? Here are some things to check before buying a CBD oil:

It is important to ensure that the cannabis plants from which CBD oil is produced are grown without the use of pesticides or toxic fertilizers and without the presence of heavy metals in the soil or viruses such as Salmonella and Listeria.

Such pesticide residues can damage the immune system and make a supposedly healthy product even a real danger.

Most companies marketed by the CBD regularly publish laboratory test results, such as D’ENDOCA, which shows that there are no pesticides, toxic fertilizers, heavy metals and viruses.

If no lab results are available on the company’s website, you should request them by email. If the company avoids giving lab results to the product – it is recommended not to buy.

Keep in mind that sites such as Amazon, where CBD trading has recently been developed, are difficult to find lab results for products, so it is recommended to buy directly from a company website recognized.

The CBD extraction process of the cannabis plant is sometimes done using potentially hazardous industrial solvents, such as butane, propane and hexane. The residues of these chemicals can be found in the oil and endanger those who consume them. The least expensive extraction is done with butane and the consumption of butane residues can damage the respiratory system and the heart.

The cleanest extracts of CBD are made with ethanol or carbon dioxide (CO2), also known as “supercritical” extraction, in the name of the chemical process used for its production. They are also the ones that cost the most, but despite the high price, it is recommended not to compromise and insist on extraction with ethanol or CO2.


Exaggerated Promises

Many CBD manufacturers announce it as a panacea. At present, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that CBD Healing Diseases, although the vast majority of studies done on it so far have shown that it has the potential to alleviate the symptoms of many diseases. and improve the quality of life of patients.

If a company assures you that its CBD is a “panacea for cancer”, it is at best misleading marketing, and at worst a questionable business.

The Concentration of the ActiveSubstance

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has begun testing laboratory products on CBD products sold in the United States and has warned the public about products that do not contain the concentration of CBD they contain or those that do not contain do not contain CBD. The full list of lab results for the reviewed products, as well as the names of companies that have received Health Organization warnings prior to court proceedings following fraud, can be found here on the FDA website.